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Lido Lottery

One of the best ways to financially support the Lido is to join our monthly lottery for just £2.50 a month.

If you would like to join the Beccles Lido Lottery please download an application form or pick one up from the Lido.

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April 2024:

1st Prize £236.25 N Crisp
2nd Prize £141.75 J Hogarth
3rd Prize £94.50 J Johnson

March 2024:

1st Prize £232.50 C Lee
2nd Prize £139.50 R Kerridge
3rd Prize £93.00 N Davey

February 2024:

1st Prize £234.38 A Westfield
2nd Prize £140.63 T & R Ayres
3rd Prize £93.74 M Gooch

January 2024:

1st Prize £235.63 C Lee
2nd Prize £141.38 M E Green
3rd Prize £94.24 M Gooch

December 2023:

1st Prize £236.25 D Bull
2nd Prize £141.75 D Johnson
3rd Prize £94.50 W Lindley

November 2023:

1st Prize £236.88 H Day
2nd Prize £142.13 D Blackwell
3rd Prize £94.47 F Rampling

October 2023:

1st Prize £236.88 P Lee
2nd Prize £142.13 S Day
3rd Prize £94.47 J Gibbons

September 2023:

1st Prize £238.75 C Punt
2nd Prize £143.25 C Rylands
3rd Prize £95.50 H Hemming

August 2023:

1st Prize £232.88 Mr & Mrs Green
2nd Prize £139.73 V Howard
3rd Prize £93.14 J Brant

July 2023:

1st Prize £227.88 D McKenna
2nd Prize £136.73 P Turner
3rd Prize £91.14 A Westfield

June 2023:

1st Prize £226.00 W Lindley
2nd Prize £135.60 G Brett
3rd Prize £90.40 G Westmacott

May 2023:

1st Prize £221.88 P Lee
2nd Prize £133.13 K Draycott
3rd Prize £88.74 C McGregor
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